8 Ways to Get Over the Flu Fast


Natural ways to get over the Flu

With the arrival of winter season also known as the flu season, the need to stay safe and protected from catching flu and cold is felt. It is seen that adults tend to catch a cold twice or thrice annually; on the other hand for kids the number is uncountable if proper care is not taken. Once you catch the flu you need at least 10 days to recover from it. This sudden change in the temperature works as a stressor for the body and further becomes a challenge for our body to adapt. 

The basic symptom to understand that you have caught flu is the infection that affects your throat, nose, and lungs; thus making it more difficult to cope with. The flu makes you cough and sneezes more which also leads to a drop in the fluid level of the body. However, it is suggested that taking medication can provide relief from flu, but trying natural ways of getting rid of flu should have opted first.

Below are a few measures to recover from flu fast naturally:

Take rest and sleep enough: Sleep is always considered the best way to recover; as it helps the body to stay at rest. The more you rest the fast your body will recover from flu. The body when in sleep is at its relaxed position; this helps it to repair and regenerates the lost energy and strength. Sleeping on-time helps you boost your immune level and it further helps in filtering T-cells into our lymph nodes. The lymphatic system helps our body to fight against external invaders to help fight against the flu.

Keep dehydration at bay:

Hydration helps clear toxins from your body and it will help replenish the fluids lost during performing your daily routine in the form of urination and sweating. Drinking water, soups, natural juices, and herbal teas can help you stay hydrated.

Keep a check on your Vitamin D dosage:

Vitamin D helps in the proper functioning of your immune health. It is seen that people in the U.S. suffer from its deficiency due to a lack of exposure to the sun. So adding vitamin D supplements to your daily routine can help you get through it. Always, check and take as per your body’s requirement. Ideally, it is suggested to 10,000 units every week for people who are low in Vitamin D.

 Add-on probiotics

Your gut being the prime part of your immune system, it is important to support it. Adding a dosage of probiotics can help increase your immune health. So, don’t forget to take it regularly.

Take time out for meditation:

Practicing deep breathing exercises and meditation can have beneficial effects on your body. It helps in reducing the stress levels that can further help in improving your immune, as well as overall health. Starting with a guided meditation for just 10 minutes can help you kick start your day beautifully.

Control your sweet tooth

The consumption of sugar is not considered helpful in any way. It hampers and suppresses our gut health too. So, it is suggested to avoid sugar and its products.

Consume coconut oil

Coconut oil is considered to be the best natural remedy available for cold and flu. It is suggested that adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your tea can help in soothing your throat. The coconut oil, being a rich source of lauric acid; which is has antiviral effects, helps in relieving throat pain naturally.

Check your Vitamin B levels

Intake of vitamin B helps in supporting your adrenal health. It increases the natural detoxification process of your body. Vitamin B can help in speeding your recovery process.

Taking the suggested measures can help you get rid of the flu naturally, without going to the doctor. Also if you are not able to recover by following the above steps, then consulting a doctor should not be avoided.

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